Wife fishing jokes

I love it when my wife lets me go fishing

Once upon a time a man asked a girl to marry him. The girl said, “No way!” and the man lived happily ever after and went fishing a lot and hunted and played golf and drank beer and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted. THE END


Two blokes are fishing together, enjoying the peace and tranquility, when suddenly one of them says, “I think I’m going to divorce my wife – she hasn’t spoken to me in over 2 months.”

The other sits quietly, pondering what his friend has told him, then replies: “I wouldn’t be too hasty – women like that are hard to find!”


One day a man came home to find his wife dressed in nothing but very revealing underwear.

“Tie me up,” she said, “and you can do absolutely anything you want.”
So he tied her up and went fishing.


Two old fishermen were sitting on a bridge catching a few roach and bream. As they sat there, a hearse drove slowly past. The first man put down his rod, stood up and removed his hat. When he saw what his friend was doing, the other man said, “I never knew you had so much respect for the dead”. To which the first man replied: “It was the least I could do, we would have been married 40 years next month”.


Wife: “Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend.”


The only reason your husband likes to go fishing so much is that it’s the only time he hears someone tell him, “Wow, that’s a big one!”


Why is a fish better than a wife?
A fish won’t compare you to other fishermen and won’t ask you how many other fish you’ve caught before them.


I just got a new fly rod and reel for my wife……best trade I ever made.

Bride and groom fishing

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