Things You Don’t Expect to See When Fishing!

Dolphin stampede


Talk to the average angler and they will probably tell you that their love of fishing is not just about catching fish, it’s a much broader passion related to spending time outdoors and interacting, in their own way, with nature. It’s probably the foundation of the old saying, “it’s called fishing, not catching”.

Most fishermen I spend time with – my favourite ones at least – are less concerned with catching the most fish possible, and more concerned with enjoying the fresh air, a bit of peace and tranquility away from the business of everyday life and away from technology, and the chance to indulge the instinct to hunt and catch something wild.

When you spend a day out fishing, it’s the unexpected that delights us most – that surprise catch, that hope of a fish-of-a-lifetime, that chance encounter with a wild animal, surprise rainbow or stunning sunset. If you knew how many fish you were going to catch, and how big they would be, do you think you would fish as often as you do now?

We know you haven’t got all day, but check out these three examples of anglers that got more than they bargained for…

Dolphin Stampede

Daylight Robbery (Bad Language)


…and there are plenty more where they came from. Enjoy yourselves out there, you guys. Tight lines!

Featured image: Hornblower Cruises & Events San Diego

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