This video will knock you sideways: we need to stop overfishing before it’s too late.

A lot of people out there are aware that mankind is overfishing, but do you know just how acute the problem really is? I know that this is just one side of the story and some of the facts may need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but one thing is certain: it can’t all be made up.

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Some of the quoted facts from the video

  • Fish is the main source of daily protein for 1.2 billion people
  • Some scientists say that in the last 60 years stocks of large fish have fallen by 90%
  • We are facing the collapse of all types of fish species in less than 50 years
  • Long line fishing vessels deploy 1.4 billion hooks per year […] each with a slice of fish hanging from them as bait
  • There are trawling vessels that cast nets with an opening of up to 23,000 metres squared (the size of four football pitches and big enough to hold 13 Jumbo jets, or more commonly, more than 500 tonnes of fish)
  • Typically shrimp trawlers throw 80 to 90% of the marine creatures caught back overboard. This means that for 1 kilo of shrimp, up to 9 kilos of other marine wildlife is caught and wasted.
  • 5 kilos of captured wild fish are needed to produce 1 kilo of farm-reared salmon
  • The majority of European fish stocks are overfished
  • Historicallu EU fisheries ministers have set fishing limits exceeding scientific advice

The list goes on…

The pressures that our burgeoning population is putting on the oceans are telling, but there ARE things that can be done.

As well as being very professionally animated, this short (4-minute) film provides some frightening facts and compelling evidence into why we need to stop overfishing and what we can all do to help. When you’ve watched it, please share the video using the ‘Flare’ buttons on the left hand side of the page. Only public awareness can help change current policies and end overfishing.

Read this Book

If you’re interested in some amazing research into just how much the oceans’ resources have depleted, I recommend this book. Fishermen will find it heartbreaking (you’ll definitely wish you were among the first pioneers in the New World!), but it’s also a fantastic read: The Unnatural History of the Sea

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