Vermillion: Trout Fishing Video by Kitchen Sink Studios

I’ve shown this trout fishing video to a few people and their responses have been quite varied – everything from: “a bit arty farty” and “hmmm – quite self-indulgent?” to “absolutely stunning”. I’ll let you decide for yourselves. Give it a chance – there’s some stunning scenery in there.

One thing this movie brings home to me, is how much easier it is to make a good film than it used to be. GoPro cameras let us take much better action movies; underwater cameras allow us to get up close and personal with our quarry; while the increasingly popular ‘drone’ allows people to take incredibly composed aerial footage without needing to hire a helicopter. These things combined make us all potential film directors – all we need is the creativity.

Vermillion Trout Fishing Film

Seeing fishing movies like this not only makes me want to get out there and pick up my fly rod, it also makes me think I should use my camera more often. Sure, I’ve taken a few pictures and even made a couple of fishing videos, but this is such a great way of remembering those trips of a lifetime. I’m lucky enough to be heading to Cuba with my father, brother and ‘uncle’ Rodney in November. Not to self: take some footage and make a video. One day you’ll look back on it and be glad you did!

Vermillion Fishing Movie

What can you create?

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