Video: barracuda attack

Talk about a barracuda attack! While filming a segment for their fishing programme, Tails From The Outdoors Show, production crew Kevin Faver and Brad Deckard were in the middle of playing a fish. All of a sudden, and right on camera, a large barracuda leaps twenty five feet out of the water and straight into the boat!

Like sharks, barracudas have long had a reputation as being dangerous to humans, but unprovoked attacks on humans are extremely rare. Although barracudas sometimes follow snorkelers and scuba divers, millions of divers and swimmers spend time with them without incident.

They should not be underestimated though. They are formidable hunters and have large, very sharp teeth. Hand-feeding or trying to touch them is strongly discouraged, while spearfishing around barracudas (and sharks for the same reason) can also be quite dangerous, as they are strongly attracted by the wounded fish.

There have been isolated cases where barracudas did bite a human, but these incidents are rare and are believed to be caused by bad visibility or perhaps by a flashing wristwatch. Barracudas will generally stop after the first bite as humans are not their normal food source.


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