World record cod is only fish ever to break 100lbs

103lb cod world record

OK, this fish was caught back in April and was widely reported in May, but at the time it hadn’t been reviewed by the International Game Fisheries Association, so I thought you might forgive me mentioning it again. Given the fact that it is a truly incredible fish and it has now been recognised officially as the only cod ever to break the 100lb barrier, I figured it’s worth sharing.

The lucky man is called Michael Eisele. He and some friends from Kiele in Germany decided to take a fishing trip in Norway in late April 2013. They were fishing off the Norwegian island of Soroya and, having had a fairly slow session, were about to call it a day when Michael hooked something fairly lumpy. After a half-hour fight he boated this massive 103lb cod – officially a new world record.

The previous record, at 98lbs 12oz, was caught in 1969 off New Hampshire in the United States – a little way north of the aptly named Cape Cod peninsula. That record sat untroubled for 44 years, until Mr Eisele’s 5-foot long fish tipped the scales at 47.02 kilograms, beating it by a good 5lbs.

The new record came in around 90ft of water and (I expect to the dismay of some) was killed and taken ashore. Having said that, after a suitable number of photos were taken, Mr Eisele decided to donate the fish to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Bergen, where it was stuffed and mounted for display.

In Mr Eisele’s own words: “When we saw the fish my knees was starting shaking. It was so big.”

We hear you Michael – we’d have been exactly the same!

The biggest cod caught in British waters was caught in the North Sea off Whitby in 1992. It weighed ‘a mere’ 58lbs.

World record 103lb cod video

Original article: Daily Telegraph

Photo credit: Michael and Dieter Eisele, BNPS

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