Our goal here at Drowningworms.com is to create a place where fishermen and women all over the world can share stories, catches, ideas and tips. Anybody can become a Drowningworms author – just drop us an email on using the form below. We will reply with your log-in details and some information on how to post and how to make best use of your profile on the site. Drowningworms.com can be whatever you make of it – a place to keep your fishing memories and photos, or a place to build up your profile as a bona fide fishing writer, tackle reviewer or fishing professional.

Our team

The team behind Drowningworms.com are four friends and business colleagues in the UK. We are marketers, web designers, geeks and fishermen and we’re combining our day jobs with our passions in order to create something truly special. We have been building and marketing websites for most of our careers and we constantly keep up to speed with what’s what in the world of online publishing, social media, content marketing and changes in Google’s algorithm. We do this so you don’t have to – you just keep publishing your information and we’ll make sure it gets in front of the right people.

If you’d like more information on our team, want to know how to get involved or have ideas for ways of improving the site, please get in touch. We’re probably working on the site right now – adding stories, improving functionality or simply making up fishing jokes. We’ll respond to your email personally as soon as we can.

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All the best and tight lines!

The Drowning Worms team.