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We've put this section together so you don't have to waste time searching the Internet. Here we will continue to add the best, most hilarious, scariest and bizarre fishing stuff we find. We'll never compromise on quality - if the Drowning Worms team doesn't enjoy it, we won't post it.
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VIDEO: Pike on Fly

Pike on fly - video

Mike Green catches a 10-pound summer pike, which puts up a great, sometimes acrobatic, fight and decides it doesn’t like the look of the landing net!

Quality Trout Fishing Movies

Mouse fishing

Whenever I see a really good fishing video, I try to remember to make a note of it, so I can post it here for you guys to enjoy as well. Here are three real beauties…

Massive steelhead caught on video

If, like me, you’ve never caught a steelhead, this video goes a long way to capturing the excitement. What a fish to catch on light tackle, and it’s interesting to see the style of fishing. One for the bucket list.

Alaska’s Red Salmon Run Shot From The Sky

Salmon run from the sky

If you’re sitting there wondering how you’re ever going to get over the Christmas feasting, you’ve probably got 4 or 5 minutes spare for this stunning video of sockeye salmon in Alaska.

Dorado vs Flying Fish: Incredible Footage

Dorado vs flying fish BBC

Are there any fishermen out there that don’t consider this BBC footage spectacular? How they captured these shots, I have no idea. It’s an excerpt from “Hunger at Sea” – part of the BBC series, “The Hunt”

I think even I could catch a tarpon here

Darcizzle Tarpon Jump

Tarpon can be extremely difficult to catch, but not always. In the following Darcizzle Offshore video, the tarpon are going completely mad after mullet.