How to tie a loop knot

There are many different knots you can use for fly fishing but there aren’t many that are guaranteed to keep your fly straight. This simple little knot is one I have used for many years for trout, sea trout and salmon fishing. It’s easy to tie and keeps the line from ‘hingeing’ on the eye of the hook.

This is how it goes:

1.  Thread the leader through the eye of the hook front to back

Simple fly fishing knot 1

2.  Make a hangman’s loop – see pic

Simple fly fishing knot 2

3.  Thread the end back through the eye and bend backwards along the shank of the hook.

Simple fly fishing knot 3

4.  Pass the loop over the hook, trapping the leader end and tighten smoothly after moistening with saliva

Simple fly fishing knot 4

5.  Trim end of leader to about 1/8”

Simple fly fishing knot 5

There you have it – the fly is straight and completely secure – simple but effective!

P.S. I have used very thick line for the illustrations – in reality the knot looks very neat and small.