Record-breaking fish – carp, cod and catfish that’ll make your eyes pop out!

Around the world, record-breaking fish seem to appear with surprising regularity. That may be due to the huge number of species, and the different record types (shore-caught, boat-caught, world, country or state records, different line weights, etc). But there are certain record breakers, whose awesomeness stands the test of time!

Giant Norwegian Cod for Bert Williams

Huge Record-Breaking Cod for Bert Williams

Bert boated this whopping 93lbs cod off Soraya, Norway. It set a new record for a cod caught by a British angler. Bert could hardly hold the five-foot-long monster, despite the fact that it’s still 10lbs shy of the world record!

World Record Shore-Caught Cod

World Record Shore Caught Cod, Tom Ascott

This 66lb 8oz cod fell to Dorset angler, Tom Ascott, who fished from shore at an undisclosed location in Norway. Tom was so delighted with the catch that he gifted it to some locals, who – no doubt – are still working their way through the meat!? The British record cod is 58lbs 8oz, which was caught way back in 1992, off Whitby, by Noel Cook.

260lbs Catfish from the River Po, Italy

260lbs Catfish from the River Po, Yuri Grisendi

Yuri ‘El Diablo’ Grisendi poses with what he estimated at a 260-pound (19-stone!) catfish, which he landed from Italy’s famous River Po near Mantova. Understandably, it’s hard to weigh a fish like this, but there are some who say this is the largest ‘cat’ ever caught.

Another River Po Monster Catfish

Monster Catfish River Po Italy

As if the fish above weren’t enough, here’s another, caught from the same river system, which other claim is the largest ever caught. We will never know!

124lbs Blue Catfish

Record Blue Catfish, Mississippi River

While on the subject of catfish, check out this 124lbs blue catfish, which was caught by Illinois angler, Tim Pruitt. Remarkably, after landing the fish from the Mississippi River near Alton, the fish was weighed, registered as a potential world record with the IGFA, then kept alive in a tank and put on display to shoppers at the Kansas City branch of Cabela’s.

Record Mekong Catfish

Record Mekong Catfish

This is yet another species of catfish (there are more than 3000 species of catfish, if you combine living and fossilised species!). This is one of the true giants – the Mekong. The pictured fish weighed 292kg – that’s about 644lbs! The WWF claim that more species of giant fish occur in the Mekong than in any other river on the planet, including the Amazon, but they say that these fish are at serious risk from a number of hydropower dams, which are slated for construction in the near future.

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