Did anyone know that John Wayne used to work as a fishing bailiff?

John Wayne Water Bailiff

It’s a little known fact that John Wayne used to patrol the lakes and rivers of the Wild West, looking for people fishing without a licence. Of course, in those days, there was no hefty fine or paperwork – just a good old slap on the wrist.

On a serious note, if you haven’t got yourself a fishing licence, I’d recommend heading down to your local post office to get one. Either that or buy one online. The water bailiffs are pretty rigid these days and it’s not worth risking a big fine. What’s more, the money is used (one would hope) to protect our lakes, rivers and fish, so it’s all in a good cause. Tight lines fellow anglers!

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James Green loves nothing more than casting a fly in pursuit of salmon, seatrout or, when the opportunity arises, a tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.