The Best Fishing GIFs... In The World

Who are these people? The people who make all these wonderful GIFs, I mean. And how do they find the time? Who cares - they're awesome and thanks to them, we have pages stacked full of funny, amazing, bizarre and sometimes even disturbing fishing GIFs for your delectation.
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It’s like something out of ‘Alien’

Alien invader

Can anyone help us identify this horrible creepy crawly, which almost makes this angler jump out of his skin? It’s like something from a horror movie!

Animated GIF: Fishing Dog

fishing dog

Here’s something to brighten your day – check out this animated gif of a fishing dog. I wouldn’t have thought he’d be quick enough to catch one but…

Makes me glad I’m not a fish

Kingfisher animated GIF

There are definitely certain things that make me glad I’m not a fish. And this is definitely one of them. Still, it’s a kingfisher from an angle you don’t see every day!

Guy catching a bass by hand

catching bass by hand

Guy catching a bass by hand – thing is one of my favourite fishing gifs! More fishing GIFs Guy catching a bass with his hand Heron using bait to catch fish

Did anyone know that John Wayne used to work as a fishing bailiff?

John Wayne Water Bailiff

It’s a little known fact that John Wayne used to patrol the lakes and rivers of the Wild West, looking for people fishing without a licence.

Animated fishing GIF: Bear catches salmon

Bear catches salmon

In times of plenty, bears just eat the brains and roe of the spawning salmon – leaving the meat for scavengers. This is the most nutritious (or maybe tasty?!) part.