Killer Tactics and Techniques for Catching More Fish

If you listen to the folklore, 75% of all the fish that get caught are landed by 25% of the fishermen trying to catch them. Now, whether that's accurate or not, we can probably all think of a time when we've sat, catching nothing, while the lucky bugger beside us lands himself a net-full. Why did it happen? Well, the honest answer is that he probably knew something we didn’t!
Let's not let it happen again, eh? Have a read through the following techniques and tactics and you'll be prepared for whatever mother nature can throw at you... and more.

When To Fish For Pike

Nene bonanza small

Yes, it is possible to catch pike in the summer – especially on surface lures – but on the whole it only gets good after two or three hard frosts and a good flood, at least in my experience.

8 easy tips that will have you taking better fishing photos today

Take better fishing photos

I see a LOT of fishing photos and most of them aren’t great. This post will show you how to take better fishing photos in eight simple steps. Try them out one at a time and I guarantee you’ll see positive results.

Swap the Hook for the Spear: How to Learn Spearfishing

Spearfishing silhouette

Spearfishing is an extreme sport that’s popular all around the world. Read this beginner’s guide to learn how to start spearfishing near you.

Can you stop a fish bleeding from the gills with Coke or Sprite?

Louis Cahill Gink and Gasoline

We’ve all felt that twinge of guilt on realising we’ve hooked a fish in the gills, but can Coke, Sprite or Mountain Dew really help them heal?

Until I watched this, I thought I’d seen it all

Tenkara fly fishing

I don’t know about you, but this guy showed me something I’ve never seen before, and I consider myself a pretty keen fisher. What I love most is what you do when you hook a big fish that wants to run…

Is it worth trying different methods when pike fishing?

Giant Ondex

Although most people have their favourite ways of pike fishing, I find it pays not to be too blinkered in approach. When things aren’t going well it’s often worth trying different methods, as I did here…