The Best Fishing Photos and Photographers From Around the World

Occasionally we come across a photographer whose pictures simply make us stop and look for a while. We'll be posting an occasional feature, showing the best fishing photography from around the globe. Some of these you may know, others will be more obscure, but we guarantee you'll like what you see.
If you know a photographer you think we should feature, or if you have pictures yourself that you'd like us to feature, please drop us a line via our contact page.

8 easy tips that will have you taking better fishing photos today

Take better fishing photos

I see a LOT of fishing photos and most of them aren’t great. This post will show you how to take better fishing photos in eight simple steps. Try them out one at a time and I guarantee you’ll see positive results.

Birds fishing – the amazing photography of Hemant Kumar

River Tern

Hemant Kumar has a knack of capturing his local bird life on film, paying particular attention to birds fishing in Hyderabad’s lakes and streams near his home in India.

3 of the most stunning fishing photos ever

Damien Brouste - Tom Bell fishing

Check out these wonderful fishing pics of casting ace, fishing guide and instructor, Tom Bell, taken by photographer, Damien Brouste. You can find the originals on Tom Bell’s website.

Underwater Fish Photography by Jason Arnold

Redfish chases lure, jason arnold

Check out these gorgeous underwater fish photographs, taken by Jason Arnold – one of the leading fish and fishing photographers in the United States. As seen in Sportfishing Magazine.

Photo competition from Alaska Guide List

Alaska Guide List Photo Competition

We’ve never met these guys but the people at Alaska Guide List regularly tweet and content on the stuff we’re sharing. Check out their latest photo competition – there are some truly magical shots…

Trout Fishing Photography by Randy Riksen

Randy Riksen Fly Fishing Photography

As well as photographing families, landscapes, weddings, sports and local events, Michigan-based angler, Randy Riksen, has something of an eye for fishing photographs. Here are some of our favourites…