20 of nature’s greatest anglers – showing the rest of us how it’s done

There are good anglers, there are terrible anglers, and there are great anglers. I’m sure plenty of you could tell a tale or two about the guy that could catch fish absolutely anywhere, and just as many of you could amuse us with tales of a friend who couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a […]

Animated GIF: Fishing Dog

fishing dog

Here’s something to brighten your day – check out this animated gif of a fishing dog. I wouldn’t have thought he’d be quick enough to catch one but…

Animated fishing GIF: Bear catches salmon

Bear catches salmon

In times of plenty, bears just eat the brains and roe of the spawning salmon – leaving the meat for scavengers. This is the most nutritious (or maybe tasty?!) part.

It even takes his landing net!

Sealion steals landing net

These guys were happily salmon fishing when this cheeky sea lion sweeps up, grabs the salmon, and swims off, taking their landing net with him as he goes.