Dinosaurs and Picnics – Giant Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia

9-foot and 350-pound sturgeon

Just back from an enjoyable trip to the Fraser River – our venue for giant sturgeon fishing in British Columbia. It was a very enjoyable, productive trip.

Catfish Car from American Pride Seafood

Catfish Car from American Pride Seafood

Check out the ‘catfish car’ from the marketing genius at American Pride Seafood. They’ve totally gone to town on what once appears to have been a VW Beetle. This is the stuff social media marketers’ dreams are made of!

Largemouth Bass from Lake Skinner, CA

Friend of Drowning Worms, Mike McGuire, caught this lovely largemouth bass in Lake Skinner, near Temecula, California, while fishing with powerbait synthetic worms.

Lure fishing for big predators in Fort Myers, Florida

Pine Island Sound, Fort Myers

If you find yourself near Fort Myers in Florida and fancy a spot of jigging, lure fishing or saltwater flyfishing, you may consider looking up Captain Paul Hobby.

Animated fishing GIF: Bear catches salmon

Bear catches salmon

In times of plenty, bears just eat the brains and roe of the spawning salmon – leaving the meat for scavengers. This is the most nutritious (or maybe tasty?!) part.

Fly Fishing Photographer – Steve Perih

Steve Perih fishing tackle

We recently came across the work of Canadian fishing photographer, Steve Perih, who has a talent for capturing the magic of fly fishing. We love the detail in his pictures, like the face of the guy by the camp fire. Magic.