Fishing for zander in Sweden

We’re continuing the Scandinavian theme from our last post by sharing some information and photos from our new friend, Michael Kleeman, of Fishing in Sweden, who runs guided predator fishing trips in, you’ve guessed it, Sweden.


I have some personal ties to Sweden myself – my wife Anna hails from the southern Swedish town of Hässleholm – so learning from Michael has been a very interesting experience. In case you ever find yourselves in northern Europe, I hope you might feel the same way.

Michael is a predator fishing specialist, who targets pike, zander, perch and char, with the occasional trout thrown in for good measure. He fishes all year round – from warm summer trips where the sun hardly sets, to ice fishing in the depths of winter, although the best time for fishing vacations tends to be between May and October.

Michael’s tours are set up specifically with overseas visitors in mind, and generally, for trips lasting a week, involve a stay in one of several lakeside cottages situated near the fishing. The holiday cottage accommodation is generally of a very high quality and great value – not only a hit with anglers but also with non-fishing visitors, so don’t be afraid to bring your other halves along. Quality ranges from small and simple to large and luxurious, or you can just opt for one of the nearby hotels, which offer all kinds of facilities, including golf. Although I haven’t been to Småland before (Michael fishes right in the middle of the country), I can tell you from experience that Sweden offers clean air, beautiful walks, boundless tranquility and the perfect escape from the pressures of daily life. I’m heading there this weekend to enjoy some Swedish Midsummer partying, which, some say, is a little like the video at the end of this post (forgive me Michael – I love that video!).

Swedish summer house
Summer house view Sweden

Michael is the only professional guide in Sweden (or maybe Europe?) who specialises in fishing for specimen zander. The preferred method for catching these monsters is what Michael calls ‘vertical pelagic jigging’. Zander spend much of their time very close to the lake or river bed and vertical jigging, done Michael’s way, can be an extremely effective way of reaching them. As the photos show, the country is abundant with some really beautiful fish. If you’re a zander man (or woman!) and you have your heart set on landing a double-figure fish, this could be the trip for you.


If you’d like to get in contact with Michael, he speaks and writes perfect English. Check out his website, drop him a line on or call +49-33652-179332. Thanks for the photos Michael. Tight lines.

Images courtesy of Michael Kleeman and Jonkoping

Oh, and here’s that video depicting Swedish Midsummer. This was a banned IKEA commercial originally shown in Germany. It was shown to me by Anna in anticipation of my first ever trip to Sweden. I think it’s hilarious…

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