Nothing But Sea Fishing - News and Catches

Sea fishermen and women are a rugged bunch - they've got to be. Out there on the high seas, braving the waves and the storms, never knowing what the day may have in store for them - it's not for everyone. But that's also what makes it special. Head out to sea and you never quite know what the day has in store.
We've created this section to put together, all in one place, the very best of the world's sea fishing news and catches. There's not a carp or crappie to be seen. If you're a super-tough, double-hard, worm-crushing, crab-eating, sea-fishing hard man, then this page is for you. Sir.

My Top 5 World Saltwater Fishing Destinations

Groote Eylandt Fishing, Australia

Here’s my list of the world’s most appealing saltwater fishing destinations, based on a lifetime of listening to the people who went there and came back raving about them.

Record Grouper Caught From Kayak

Red grouper jason arnold

Check out this massive goliath grouper – the largest bottom fish ever caught from a Kayak, which caused a lot of screaming and broke the angler’s rod mid-fight.

Goliath Grouper Strikes Back

Goliath grouper fights back

“We’ve never had a problem with sharks but watch out for that grouper.” said the dive guide. “He’s dislocated a few shoulders over the years, so don’t get too close.”

What is a shark afraid of?

Red grouper jason arnold

A few months back we posted two videos showing how aggressive a goliath grouper can be. Well here are two more. Watch the grouper devour a large shark whole. Pretty awesome!

Fishing in the Canary Islands

Boat Fishing Canary Islands

A big thank you to Rafael Rivero Hierro for sharing his photographs of fishing in the Canary Islands. By practising catch and release, fishermen like Rafael and his friends have done their bit towards preserving their fishery, and they’re reaping the rewards…

Bass fishing in the UK

UK Bass Fishing

As with any angling, catching bass can be hit and miss – you need the weather, tides and, of course, the fish. For Austen Goldsmith, head honcho at UK bass fishing, this was a red letter day.