Largemouth Bass from Lake Skinner, CA

Here’s a picture shared with us by friend of Drowning Worms, Mike McGuire. Mike runs the UK office of Ezoic, who are helping us make our web pages more user-friendly, so he’s kind of your friend too!!

Mike’s a keen angler. When he was last in the US, he caught this lovely largemouth bass from Lake Skinner, near Temecula, California, while fishing with powerbait synthetic worms.  

Bass from Lake Skinner, Mike McGuire

According to Mike it was a “really hot day so I had to get close in to the reeds to get him – caught a lot more weed than fish that day!”

We hear you Mike, but you got him in the end. Congrats!!

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James Green loves nothing more than casting a fly in pursuit of salmon, seatrout or, when the opportunity arises, a tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.