Record-breaking fish – carp, cod and catfish that’ll make your eyes pop out!

Record Mekong Catfish

Around the world, record-breaking fish seem to appear with surprising regularity. That may be due to the huge number of species, and the different record types (shore-caught, boat-caught, world, country or state records, different line weights, etc). But there are certain record breakers, whose awesomeness stands the test of time! Giant Norwegian Cod for Bert […]

Record Grouper Caught From Kayak

Red grouper jason arnold

Check out this massive goliath grouper – the largest bottom fish ever caught from a Kayak, which caused a lot of screaming and broke the angler’s rod mid-fight.

Massive Taimen – Completely Unbelievable

Hucho taimen

I want to give you a taste of just how big taimen can be. Check out these amazing pictures and video. These guys can barely get this monster in the net!!

World record common carp – 86lbs 6oz?

Record common carp

I’ve found these amazing pictures of an apparent world record common carp of 86lbs 6oz, caught by a chap called Graham Marsden. Anyone know the facts?

World record cod is only fish ever to break 100lbs

103lb cod world record

Michael Eisele hooked and boated this massive 103lb cod in May 2013 – a new world record and the only cod ever caught weighing more than 100lbs. Great pictures – what a beast!