The Best in Fly Fishing from Around the Web

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. As much as we would love to be out there casting a fly ourselves, the powers that be keep us handcuffed to our desks - forcing us to watch fly fishing videos, look at pictures and read angling reports, day and night. This page is the result of our labours. Take pity on us and have a read, and if you can find the time, drop a note on our Facebook page and let them know what an ace job we're doing. Please?
TIGHT LINES, you crazy fly fishermen, you. We love you. We salute you. (And we ARE you!).

VIDEO: Why do we love bonefish?

Bonefishing in Cuba - La Tortuga

The first of three videos shot on our recent trip to Cuba. For a week we lived onboard our houseboat, La Tortuga, and did nothing but fish, eat and sleep. Pure fly fishing indulgence.

VIDEO: The best rooster fish videos all in one place

Ray Montoya Roosterfish

Even if you’ve seen them many times, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret watching these rooster fish videos again. We’ve done the searching so you don’t have to. They’re the best we could find anywhere.

Massive brown out of the blue

Mike Green personal best brown trout Rutland Water

It was all very enjoyable; but then something special happened. I was retrieving yet another small perch when I felt a jolt, and line screamed off my reel at an alarming rate of knots!

Watch these giant wild rainbows smashing surface muddlers

Strobel lake rainbow

Never heard of Strobel Lake or the Barrancoso River? Neither had I. Locals claim it’s the best wild rainbow trout fishing in the world. I think they might be right!

This is how a GREAT tarpon season looks… in less than 2mins

Dog v tarpon on fly

This splendid tarpon fishing movie is made by the people at Waterline Media, who love anything to do with saltwater. You’ve got it – they’re fishing bums… and flipping talented ones at that!

One for the bucket list: a big snook

snook release

A 20 pounder would be a big snook, and most rare found under 10lbs, but can still be fun on light tackle. They grow larger than 4 feet in length.