The Best in Fly Fishing from Around the Web

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. As much as we would love to be out there casting a fly ourselves, the powers that be keep us handcuffed to our desks - forcing us to watch fly fishing videos, look at pictures and read angling reports, day and night. This page is the result of our labours. Take pity on us and have a read, and if you can find the time, drop a note on our Facebook page and let them know what an ace job we're doing. Please?
TIGHT LINES, you crazy fly fishermen, you. We love you. We salute you. (And we ARE you!).

The huge cutthroat trout of Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Huge Cutthroat Trout Pyramid Lake

Thanks to Casey Ryan for these pictures, taken during a recent trip chasing huge cutthroat trout in Pyramid Lake, Nevada. On the day, 5 fish were caught over 10lbs, including Casey’s own personal best of 11lbs 14oz.

The rooster fish are in Baja Mexico

Flyfishing off the beach for Roosterfish, Mexico

Anglers visiting Baja can catch roosters, dorado and large marlin. It’s possible to fish both sides of the Cape, so there’s plenty to choose from – from blue water fishing for pelagics, to fly casting from the beach.

Lure fishing for big predators in Fort Myers, Florida

Pine Island Sound, Fort Myers

If you find yourself near Fort Myers in Florida and fancy a spot of jigging, lure fishing or saltwater flyfishing, you may consider looking up Captain Paul Hobby.

Bone fishing in the Bahamas – Matt Harris photography

Bonefish underwater

The second in our series of posts about fishing photographer, Matt Harris. This time bone fishing in Tiamo and North Riding Point in the Bahamas.

Possibly my favourite 1.5mins of fly fishing footage ever!

Fly fishing for GTs, Farquhar

Here’s some footage from the guys at Fly Castaway. As you can see, catching GTs on fly can be really exciting and often explosive sport. I need to get to Farquhar, end of story.

Barracuda smashing a popper

Barracuda on fly

I just had to post this video of a barracuda taking a popper. It’s short, it captures the take and repeats all the best bits in slow motion. Nice work.