Video: stalking big rainbow trout in shallow water

Rainbow trout fishing video

Nice short video: stalking a big rainbow trout with what looks like a dry fly, in ankle-deep water. It just shows you the value of being stealthy.

Redfish and offshore fishing in Georgia

catching redfish in georgia

Captain Richie specialises in redfish and offshore fishing in Georgia – catching all manner of species including bulls, amberjack, triple tail, barracuda, flounder, sea bass, speckled trout and even trigger fish, for which his boat broke the state record.

Video: barracuda attack

barracuda attack

Talk about a barracuda attack! While filming a segment for their fishing programme, Kevin Faver and Brad Deckard were playing a fish. All of a sudden, a large barracuda leaps twenty five feet out of the water and straight into the boat!

Surface fishing Louisiana

Surface fishing louisiana

For anyone out there who likes fly fishing with poppers or muddlers, this video of surface fishing Louisiana is going to make your mouth water…

Catching redfish in Louisiana

Catching Redfish in Louisiana

I just had to share this video. This pretty much sums up the excitement of catching fish off the surface – that sense of anticipation when the fish starts to follow the fly. It’s a great video and the fishing looks amazing (I know it’s hard to tell how many they catch in a day […]