Lucky frog

Frog in fish's mouth

An Australian angler caught this amazing photo while fishing for jungle perch in Queensland earlier this year, spotting a little frog staring back at him from inside his fish’s mouth!

Fishing the Tongariro River by Raft

Raft fishing New Zealand

If you like fishing and you don’t mind a touch of adrenalin coursing through your body, then raft fishing New Zealand’s Tongariro River could be for you! I recently tried it with good friend Karl Gradon and fiancé Anna.. Awesome!

At 122cm long, this barramundi almost won’t fit in the net

Rodney Collings barramundi Queensland

This video shows Rodney Collings catching a monster barramundi with Queensland fishing guide Andy Thomsen. At 1 metre 22cm it’s almost too big for the net.

Fast forward to just before 3mins, sit back and soak it up… Fly fishing for queenfish with poppers.

Fly fishing for queenfish

The second part of this video is fantastic. Don’t bother with the first bit (the narration might get on your nerves anyway). Fast forward to 3mins and enjoy. I have a new favourite pastime: fly fishing for queenfish!

Watch the first 1:30secs – massive brown trout

Matt Heron brown trout

I can only assume that this guy knew where this massive brown trout was lying, then went with his camera guy to film it. Nevertheless, it’s a great video. It’s a beautiful big fish and he comes within an inch of losing it!

Flyfishing New Zealand on a shoestring

New Zealand Brown Trout

When I say flyfishing New Zealand on a shoestring I mean it. The average guide in NZ charges $500 to 600 a day. I charge US$150, including accommodation. But there’s method to the madness…!