This guy’s amazing fishing technique made him an Internet phenomenon

The fact that he looks a bit like Santa Claus makes this quite a timely post, but it’s not Doug Owen’s beard, his resemblance to Father Christmas, nor his nakedness that made him an Internet star – it’s his unusual ability to catch fish.

Originally Doug and his wife cooked up the video idea as a bit of fun. As he told reporter Steve Bottari:

“I’m kinda a computer illiterate. I came up with this idea with my wife; we were just going to share a funny video with my family and friends,” he said.

What he wasn’t expecting was that nearly 1m people would be watching him in almost nothing but his birthday suit!

“I didn’t know that once it goes on YouTube 700,000 of your closest friends are watching you in your underwear.”

Doug Santa Fishing with Hands

In less than two weeks Doug’s video had reached half-a-million hits. It also sparked a bit of controversy, as many people were questioning how he managed it. Was the fish already dead? Was it tied to a string? It certainly doesn’t seem to be wriggling much. But although Doug admitted the dialogue was agreed in advance, he insists that the capture was genuine:

“That really happened. That was a real fish. There was no string; there was no trap, no net.”

All we can say to Doug is ‘well done’, but we’d love to know what you think. How did he manage it?

And if you want to watch a parody that made Doug double over with laughter, check this out…


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