Unbelievable shark feeding frenzy video goes viral!

At around lunchtime on Thursday, 9th October 2014, bystanders witnessed a massive shark feeding frenzy very close to shore in North Carolina. More than 100 sharks were filmed as they threw themselves into the shallow water in pursuit of a shoal of bluefish – sometimes almost beaching themselves in the process.

Pelicans and seagulls swooped down to pick up scraps, giving the onlookers a bizarre and rare view of nature at its most violent and frenetic. Donnie Griggs, the man behind the camera, is keen fisherman and has fished, dived, surfed and swum at this beach many times. He’s not put off. In fact, he believes a scene like this is a clear sign that the local ecosystem is thriving.

Shark feeding frenzy goes viral

Shark feeding frenzy video

The video, posted on YouTube by Brian Recker, received more than 5 million views in less than two weeks and continues to amaze people all over the world.

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