What is a shark afraid of?

A few months back we posted an article containing two videos, both of which show just how aggressive a goliath grouper can be. Well, here’s another.

Goliath groupers can can grow to 800lbs and 3 metres long and they are pretty much the baddest fish in the sea.

I once dived in Australia, on the Yongala wreck, which was home to an amazing amount of sea life, including a family of man eating bull sharks and an enormous grouper. The dive master who led the trip told us not to worry about the sharks – they’d never bothered anyone in years. The goliath grouper, on the other hand, was apparently a little bit moody and, in the past, when divers had swum too close, he’d been known to dislocate a few shoulders!! Ouch.

As you can see from this animated gif, groupers aren’t exactly afraid of divers or spear fishermen!

Goliath grouper attacks spear fishing diver

Or watch this video of a diver trying to scare a grouper off by cursing and shouting underwater…

Featured image by photographer, Jason Arnold

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